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Insect and Herbicide Tolerant Crops

GM Food Safety and Human Health

Feed Safety and Animal Health

Economic Issues Related to Biotechnology

Risk Assessment and Public Perception of Biotechnology

Plant Biology, Breeding and Development

Food and Trade Policy, Regulations and Legal Issues

Liability for GMOs and Non-GMOS


Ag-Biotech Experts and Media Contacts

If you are a journalist and would like more information on ag-biotech issues, please feel free to contact the scientists below. Most of them are regular contributors to the AgBioView Discussion forum and are experts in their respective fields. Below you will find their personal information, areas of expertise and email addresses. The experts are classified under certain subject headings, but please be aware that all of them are proficient in more than one topic. If you are unable to decide as to who to target your question, please send it to prakash(at)agbioworld.org and your query will be forwarded to the appropriate expert.

Please Note: To counter spamming, the email addresses below include '(at)' instead of '@'. Please substitute '(at)' with '@' when using these email addresses.

Topics include:

Insect and Herbicide Tolerant Crops

Richard T. Roush
Director, Statewide IPM Program, University of California
One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616-8621
Ph +1 530 752 8350
FAX +1 530 752 6004
Email: rtroush(at)ucdavis.edu
Areas of expertise: Insect and herbicide tolerant crops

Allan Felsot
Professor, Washington State University
Phone: 509-372-7365
Areas of expertise: Environmental Toxicology, Pesticides, Entomology, IPM, Crop Protection Technologies

GM Food Safety and Human Health

Bruce M. Chassy, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Biotechnology Outreach, Office of Research College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and Executive Associate Director, Biotechnology Center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Phone: 217-244-7291
Areas of expertise: Food safety, Food microbiology, Biochemical nutrition

Steve L. Taylor, Ph.D.
Professor and Head, Dept. of Food Science & Technology co-Director,
Food Allergy Research & Resource Program
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
Phone: 402-472-2833
Areas of expertise: Safety of GM foods; Food allergens and assessment of allergenicity of GM foods

Ruth Kava, Ph.D., R.D.
Director of Nutrition, American Council on Science and Health
Phone: 212-362-7044
Area of expertise: Human nutrition

Zhangliang Chen, Ph.D.
Vice President, Beijing University
Director, National Laboratory of Protein Engineering and Plant Genetic Engineering
Phone: 86-10-62752497
Area of expertise: Transgenic plants and safety

Susan L. Hefle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Co-Director, Food Allergy Research and Resource Program,
University of Nebraska
Phone: 402-472-4430
http:// www.farrp.unl.edu
Areas of expertise: Food allergies and sensitivities, Natural toxicants, Allergenicity assessment of bioengineered foods

Feed Safety and Animal Health

Dale E. Bauman, Ph.D.
Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University
Phone: 607-255-2262
Areas of expertise: Metabolism and metabolic regulation, Animal agriculture, Somatotropin and animal biotechnology, Designer foods, Lipid metabolism, Nutritional biochemistry

Economic Issues Related to Biotechnology

Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Ph.D.
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Phone: (202)-862-5633
Areas of expertise: Biotech policy Research and food general policy research

Greg Traxler, Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Auburn University, and Affiliate Scientist, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
Phone: 334-844-5619
Areas of expertise: Welfare impacts of biotechnology, Agricultural research policy, Diffusion of Bt cotton

Julian Morris
Research Fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs
Phone: +44 20 77 99 89 21
Areas of expertise: Economics (institutional, technology/science, micro, econometrics), Law (UK, EU, environment, trade, international), Philosophy of science/epistemology, Psychology

John Komen, M.S.
Research Officer, ISNAR Biotechnology Service; International Service for National Agricultural Research, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 - 70 - 3496161
Areas of expertise: Developing countries, Economic impact, Biosafety, Intellectual property rights, Strategic planning, Technology transfer; Capacity building.

Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
Associate Professor of Agribusiness & Director of Economics and Management of AgBiotech Center (EMAC), University of Missouri-Columbia.
Phone: 573-882-0143
Areas of expertise: Economics and Policy of Ag Biotechnology.

Risk Assessment and Public Perception of Biotechnology

Thomas J. Hoban, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology and Food Science, North Carolina State University
Phone: (919) 515-1676
Areas of expertise: Public perception of biotechnology, Consumer acceptance, International trade issues, Ethical issues, Socio-economic impacts

Klaus Ammann, Ph.D.
Professor, Botanical Garden, University of Bern, Switzerland
Phone: +41 70 429 70 62
http://www.bio-scope.org - http:/www.botanischergarten.ch
Areas of expertise: Ecology of transgenic crops, Risk assessment, Risk management, Scientific outreach, Public perception

Gregory Pence, Ph.D.
Professor, Philosophy Department and School of Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmigham (UAB)
Phone: 205 934-4805; or 205 934-8922
Areas of expertise: Bioethics, GM food ethics, Ecofascism, Cloning, etc.

Gary Comstock, Ph.D.
Director, Ethics Program
Professor of Philosophy, North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC 27695-8101
Phone: 919 515 3214 (NC State Philosophy Dept.)
Areas of expertise: Ethics, Bioethics, Social values, Consumer concerns about GM foods

Douglas Powell, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, University of Guelph
Phone: 519-821-1799
Areas of expertise: Food safety, Risk analysis, On-farm applications

C. Neal Stewart, Jr., Ph.D.
Professor and Racheff Chair of Excellence in Plant Molecular Genetics Department of Plant Sciences
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-4561 USA
Ph 865 974 7324
Fax 865 974 1947
Areas of expertise: Plant transformation, Ecological risks of GM plants, Plant biosensors

Plant Biology, Breeding and Development

Ingo Potrykus, Ph.D.
Professor emeritus, Plant Sciences
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 61 841 2412
Area of expertise: Genetic engineering of plants to benefit food security in developing countries

Florence M. Wambugu, Ph. D.
Chief Executive Officer
A Harvest Biotech Foundation Int'l (AHBFI) P. O. Box 642, Village Market-00621, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 254-2-521652, 254-2-521671
Cell: 254-733-633260
Fax: 254-2-521721
E-mail: fwambugu(at)ahbfi.or.ke
Area of expertise: Agricultural Biotechnology, Africa

Martina Newell McGloughlin, Ph.D.
Director and Adjunct Professor, UC Davis
Phone: 530-752-3260
http://lsi.ucdavis.edu - http://www.biotech.ucdavis.edu
Areas of expertise: Biotechnology (especially Agricultural science), Policy and communication, Bioinformatics

Jennifer A. Thomson, Ph.D.
Professor in Molecular and Cell Biology Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 27 21 6503256
Area of expertise: Genetically modified crops

Peggy G. Lemaux, Ph.D.
Cooperative Extension Specialist, University of California, Berkeley
Phone: 510-642-1589
Areas of expertise: Most aspects of agricultural and environmental biotechnology including the science, regulatory issues, consumer acceptance, intellectual property and the pipeline. Communication with the press is a priority.

Bob Goldberg, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, UCLA
Phone:310-825-9093 E
Areas of expertise: Plant biotechnology, Plant genes and gene regulation, Plant development, "Science for non-scientsts"

Wayne Parrott, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Georgia
Phone: 706 542 0928
Areas of expertise: Crop biotechnology (particularly legumes), Latin American agriculture

Anthony Trewavas, Ph.D.
Professor, University of Edinburgh
Phone: 44 131 650 5328
Areas of expertise: Plant biology and biotechnology, Organic food and farming, Integrated Farm Management

C.S. Prakash, Ph.D.
Professor of Plant Molecular Genetics, Tuskegee University
Phone: 334-727-8023 or (334) 444-7884
Areas of expertise: Genetically modified plants, Developing countries, Public perception

Johan Brink, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project (ABSP), Insititute of International Agriculture, Michigan State University
Phone: 517 432-1641
Areas of expertise: Plant biotechnology research, Capacity building and training, Policy development, Biotechnology in developing countries

R. James Cook, Ph.D.
Professor, Plant Pathology and Crop and Soil Sciences
Endowed Chair in Wheat Research, Washington State University
Phone: 509 335-3722
Areas of expertise: Plant disease management, Cropping Systems, Environmental effects, Biological control

Gurdev S. Khush
Consultant, International Rice Research Institute
Phone: 63-2-845-0563
Areas of expertise: Genetics, Plant Breeding

Food and Trade Policy, Regulations and Legal Issues

Alan McHughen, D.Phil., FACN
Biotechnology Specialist
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521-0124
Phone: 909 787-7532
Fax: 909 787-5717
Areas of expertise: Genetic engineering, Biosafety (health and environment), International trade, Intellectual property related to lifeforms, Regulation of new crops and foods

Robert Paarlberg, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College
Phone: 781 283-2193
Area of expertise: International Agricultural Policy

Henry Miller, MD
The Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Phone: 650 725 0185
Fax: 650 723 0576
Area of expertise: Domestic and international regulatory issues; biotechnology applied to agriculture and medicine

Anatole F. Krattiger, Ph.D.
Director, Strategic World Initiative for Technology Transfer (SWIFT), Cornell Unviersity
President, BioDevelopments LLC (International Consultants)
Phone: 1-607-254 4635
afk3(at)cornell.edu; anatole(at)biodevelopments.com
http://www.swiftt.cornell.edu - http://www.biodevelopments.org
Areas of expertise: Intellectual property, Technology transfer, Biotechnology, International agriculture

Gregory Conko
Director, Food Safety Policy, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Phone: 202-331-1010
Areas of expertise: International agriculture trade, Food safety regulation

Dean Kleckner
Chairman, Truth About Trade and Technology
Phone: 515-274-0800
mjboote(at)worldnet.att.net; afdkleckner(at)fb.org
Area of Expertise: Agricultural biotechnology as it relates to production farming and to trade

Liability for GMOs and Non-GMOS

Drew L. Kershen, J.D., LL.M.
Earl Sneed Centennial Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law
Phone: (405) 325-4784
Area of expertise: Legal aspects of agricultural biotechnology

Mark Mansour
Morgan Lewis (Law Firm), Washington, DC
Phone: (202) 739-6366
Area of expertise: Trade, Food And Drug, Biotechnology

Thomas P. Redick
Attorney, Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.
Phone: (314)-615-6000
Area of expertise: Liability for GMOs and Non-GMO