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The Biotech Miracle

Indian Express - Letters to the Editor
Nov 5, 2001
By C. S. Prakash


I congratulate Sonu Jain ('Bt in Bt cotton means Blocking the seed, Trashing the fact,'; IE, October 27) for the excellent expose on the situation with Bt cotton in Gujarat. The incident, while deplorable, shows ironically how the tide has turned in favour of biotechnology in India. The dam has finally been breached.

Myths about our farmers not willing to pay more for biotech seeds have been exposed along with the vested interests of the pesticide lobby in opposing biotech and the inept bureaucracy of the government. It is said that Gujarat farmers bought the illegal Bt cotton seed for much more than they would have had to pay for the traditional variety!

Biotechnology offers much for Indian farmers and consumers. If strategically employed, it can help our farmers, protect the environment, boost our food security and economic progress.