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Media Citations and Interviews with C.S. Prakash

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Growing Super Crops: Conventional or GM?
Voice of America, November 20, 2014

US scientist advocates GM crops for B'desh
The Financial Express, November 10, 2014

Global backlash against Greenpeace
Business Mirror (Philippines), September 3, 2013

Golden Rice: Lifesaver?
New York Times, August 24, 2013

GM crop destruction globally criticized
AgProfessional, August 21, 2013

Petition backs GM trials
Farm Weekly (Australia), August 21, 2013

Scientists Condemn Destruction of Golden Rice Field Trial
Science Magazine, August 15, 2013

Outstanding Scientist Award for C S Prakash
India Abroad, July 19, 2013

GM in the media: A look at the news from around the world on
genetically modified food and crops

Landes Bioscience, July 2013, by C.S. Prakash

Plant biotechnology: Is it the way forward?
Financial Express, August 2012, by C.S. Prakash

Opposition to GM crops uncalled for
The Indian Express, December 23, 2012

700 Researchers Call On Gilles-Eric Seralini To Release GMO Test Data
Science 2.0, October 23, 2012

Scientists call on French researchers to release GMO test data
Western Farm Press, October 22, 2012

Marc Gunther talks with Dr. Prakash, professor of plant molecular
genetics at Tuskegee University

producemoreconservemore.com, June 6, 2010 (Interview)

How Greenpeace Sees Red
The Indian Express, November 21, 2010

Accept Bt With an Open Mind
The Star of Mysore (India), May 30, 2010

Scientists rally round convicted Peruvian researcher
SciDev.net, May 27, 2010

Diversity Important in Scientific Research
Montgomery Advertiser, May 14, 2009, by C.S. Prakash

Will Eggplant be the World’s Next GM Crop?
Science Line, November 4, 2009

Biotechnology to increase agriculture output in Azerbaijan: American University Professor
Trend News Agency (Azerbaijan), June 10, 2009

U.S.-African Partnership Developing Drought-Tolerant Maize
AllAfrica.com, January 27, 2009

The political saga of GM crops in India
BioSpectrum, July 7, 2007, by C.S. Prakash and Shantu Shantharam

Borlaug tiene buena reputacion por hazana de alimentos
Truth About Trade & Technology, July 20, 2007

Borlaug gets a good rap for food feat
Des Moines Register, July 19, 2007

Biotech's Sparse Harvest; A Gap Between the Lab And the Dining Table
New York Times, February 14, 2006

What Inspired You?
Spiked Online, 2006, (Interview with C.S. Prakash)

Elitism About Biotech Keeps Food From Hungry
Des Moines Register, October 16, 2006, by C.S. Prakash

Can agricultural biotechnology contribute to global food security?
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology, July 2005, by RV Sairam and C.S. Prakash

BT is not the culprit
BioSpectrum, June 15, 2006, by C.S. Prakash and S. Shantharam

Soul Behind the Man
The Pioneer, April 2, 2006, by C.S. Prakash

Genetically modified crops are good for Africa
Vanguard (Nigeria), February 8, 2005, by C.S. Prakash

The Possibilities of Biotechnology
Deccan Herald, December 13, 2004, by C.S. Prakash

Scientists Have an Obligation to Explain Science

RiceWorld Interview: Scientific Community Backs Agbiotech

Deccan Herald: Looking for Answers

Q&A with C.S. Prakash

Bringing Practicality to the Biotech Debate

Biotech Bonanza

NPR: "Engineering Crops in a Needy World"

NPR's Talk of the Nation: Third World Countries & Genetically Modified Crops

Biotechnology's Standard Bearer

Expert Lashes Poor's New Enemy

Better than Nature

Engineering Abundance

The Rise and Fall of GM (Transcript of a TV Documentary)

Agriculture Cannot Progress Without Fundamental Changes: Prakash

Adopting Biotechnology in RP

The Need to Proceed

Biotechnology: Toting Up the Early Harvest of Transgenic Plants

Tuskegee Geneticist's Study of Gene-Altered Food Carries on Carver's Tradition

India Can't Afford to Ignore Bio-technology

World Without Hunger May Be Within Reach

Bringing Practicality to the Biotech Debate

GM crop research slow to reach hungry Third World

`Pharming' to find cures takes root

Biotechnology: Putting an end to world hunger

Geneticist calls for broader GM debate

Biotech In The Third World: A Hostage Of Eco-Propaganda

GM crops scientist defends 'Frankenstein' food in a visit to Cambridge

New Markets for Biotech Technology Review

Greenpeace claim to have "prevented" GM rice is erroneous

Food scientist agrees with Vatican: Technology needs safeguards

Frankenfood Critics Fight Industry PR

Hungry Helped With Biotech

Activists Cite Science Only if It's Convenient

Alter Genes, Risk an Ecosystem?

Driven by science

Thailand must grow GM crops

New and improved: GM foods could even relieve anxiety

Protein Therapy Could Heal Agbio