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Articles, Op-eds and Reports from AgBioWorld

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Farmers: The Original Environmentalists

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Hungry for Biotech

Trust emotions or Facts on Biotechnology?

Can Genetically Engineered Crops Feed a Hungry World?

Some Tough Questions for Biotech Opponents

Foes of Biotechnology Ignore Global Hunger

Biotechnology and Agricultural Research

Huge Potential of Genetically Improved Plants Outweighs Hypothetical Risks

Plant Biotechnology: Need to Foster Responsible Debate and Dialogue

Bio Illogical: Plant Breeds no Threat to Third World

Job Searching in Agricultural Biotechnology

Gene Revolution and Food Security

Gene Revolution-II; Potential Benefits, Hypothetical Risks

Don't Denounce Biotech

The Biotech Miracle

Bioterror and Biosafety

Red Herring - Letter to the Editor

The Irony of Illegal Bt Cotton

'Genetically Modified Food is Safer than Water'

GM: Past, Present and Future

El Debate sobre la Modificación Genética de los Cultivos en el Contexto de la Evolución Agrícola