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Articles, Reports and Information on Agricultural Biotechnology

Farm-Level Economic Performance of Genetically Modified Cotton in Maharashtra, India
Review of Agricultural Economics—Volume 28, Number 1

The GMO experience in North and South America
International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, Vol. 2, Nos. 1/2, 2006

The Top 100 Living Contributors to Biotechnology
Featured at theCORDIA Convention (London; October 2005)

Global Actors, Markets and Rules Driving the Diffusion of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops in Developing Countries
Intenational Journal of. Technology and Globalisation, Vol. 2, Nos. 1/2, 2006

Do Humans Need GMOs? -- A View from a Global Trade Market
Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, Vol. 8 (1), 147

Pusztai's Potatoes - Is 'Genetic Modification' the Culprit?
By Dr. Nina V. Fedoroff, February 25, 2006

More on Pusztai Research from 'Pandora's Picnic Basket'
By Alan McHughen

Transgenes in Mexican maize: Desirability or inevitability?
By Peter H. Raven, August 15, 2005

Prince Charles and Genetically Modified Food
Articles and comments from AgBioView

Communicating with the Public, Media and Policymakers on AgBiotech Issues
Articles and comments from AgBioView

The Future of Food and Medicine
By Karri Hammerstrom, farmer

Scientific Journal Articles: General Safety and Safety Assessment of Specific Genetically Modified Crops
A compilation of food and feed safety studies

A Decade of Commercialized Transgenic Crops -- Analyses of their Global Adoption, Safety and Benefits
By T.M Manjunath

Playing God or Improving Human Lives?
Religious, Moral and Ethical Perspectives on Food Biotechnology

Articles and comments from AgBioView

USAID Answers Questions About Biotechnology, Addresses Concerns Raised By Countries Receiving U.S. Food Aid
U.S. Agency for International Development

Safety of Bt-Cotton: Facts Allay Fear
By T.M. Manjunath, Ph.D.

Peer Reviewed Publications on the Safety of GM Foods
By Dr. Christopher Preston

Experience from the Humanitarian Golden Rice Project:
Extreme Precautionary Regulation Prevents Use of Green Biotechnology in Public Projects

By Ingo Potrykus

European Biotech Manifesto: Science Fights Back!
'Dangers of Letting "Eco-Stalinists" Hijack Intelligent Debate'
Interview with Klaus Amman

Can GM Crops be Introduced Into Crop Centres of Origin and Diversity?
By C Kameswara Rao and S Shantharam

GM Crops: The Crushing Cost of Regulation
By Willy De Greef

Africa: Time to Focus on Invisible Wealth
By James Shikwati

Can Biotechnology Help Fight World Hunger?
Congressional Hunger Center Biotech Briefing

The Farm Scale Evaluations of GM Crops in UK
Articles and comments from AgBioView

Biodiversity and Agricultural Biotechnology --
A Review of the Impact of Agricultural Biotechnology on Biodiversity

By Klaus Amman, Director of the Botanischer Garten Bern

Chicken Little: The Green Threat to Progress
By Andrew McIntyre

GM-Free Wales -- Admirable Aspiration or Misguided Fantasy?
University of Glamorgan

The Environmental Challenge
By Peter Raven

Deploying the Full Arsenal:Fighting Hunger with Biotechnology (PDF)
By Peter Lacy

UK Organic Farming in Proper Perspective
By Anthony Trewavas, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology

Let the facts speak for themselves: The contribution of agricultural crop biotechnology
to American farming
(Word Doc)
The American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association and others

A Collection of Open Letters to the Participants in the Phony War Over Biotechnology
By Mark Mansour

Biotech Yield References
A compilation of documents about biotech yields and environmental benefits

The Safety of Foods Produced Through Biotechnology
Society of Toxicology Position Paper

Biotechnology: Addressing Today's Core Issues For Better Food & Industry Growth (PDF)
By Thomas Jeffersoh Hoban, PH.D

Vitamin A Deficiency Disorders: Origins of the Problem and Approaches to Its Control
By Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS

Livestock Performance: Feeding Biotech Crops (PDF)
By J. H. Clark and I. R. Ipharraguerre

Crop Biotechnology: Benefits, Risks and Ownership
By Gordon Conway, President, The Rockefeller Foundation

Feeding the World in the 21st Century: The Role of Agricultural Science and Technology
By Norman Borlaug

Applying the Precautionary Principle to Genetically Modified Crops (PDF)
By Indur Goklany

Genetic Modification is a Simple Extension of Conventional Breeding
By Syamal Krishna Ghosh and Chitore Kr. Guha Sarkar

Ending World Hunger: The Promise of Biotechnology and the Threat of Antiscience Zealotry
By Norman E. Borlaug

Dr. Strangelunch -- Or: Why we should learn to stop worrying and love genetically modified food
By Ronald Bailey

Biotechnology's Greatest Challenge
by Nigel J. Taylor and Claude M. Fauquet

Transgenic Plants and Biosafety: Science, Misconceptions and Public Perceptions
by C. Neal Stewart, Jr, Harold A. Richards, IV and Matthew D. Halfhill

Genetically Modified Crops: Demystifying the Science
by Professor Derek Burke

GM Is the Best Option We Have
by Anthony Trewavas

The Hypocrisy of Organic Farmers
by Professor Bob Goldberg

The "Political Economy" of Agricultural BiotechnologyFor the Developing World
by Klaus M. Leisinger

Scientists Leave the Lab to Defend Bioengineered Food
by Lila Guterman

Billions Served (interview with Norman Borlaug)
by Ronald Bailey

Agriculture in the 21st Century: Vision for Research and Development
by Norman E. Borlaug & Christopher Dowswell

Who's Afraid of Genetic Engineering?
by Jimmy Carter

Feeding a World of 10 Billion People: The Miracle Ahead
by Dr. Norman Borlaug

The Church of England Statement on Genetically Modified Organisms
Church Of England

Why Africa Needs Agricultural Biotech

by Florence Wambugu

The Benefits of Biotechnology
by Senator Bond (MO)

Global Governance: A Recipe for Global Protectionism

by Deepak Lal

The Bogus Debate on Bioethics

by Suman Sahai

Genetically Modified Plants: Monsters or Miracles?

by Nina Fedoroff

Safe in the Ivory Tower?
by Peggy G. Lemaux

Arguments in Favour of Genetically-Modified Crops
by Ben Miflin

Rebuttal to Christian Aid
by Dr. Christopher Dowswell

Are Bioengineered Foods Safe?
by Larry Thompson

Environmental Benefits and Sustainable Agriculture Through Biotechnology
by Dr. Ellin Doyle

Biotechnology Can Help Feed an Increasing World Population - Its Positive and Negative Aspects Need to be Balanced
FAO Press Release

Economic Impact of Transgenic Crops in Developing Countries
By Terri Raney