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Engineering Crops in a Needy World

The U. S. National Public Radio program on GM Seed controversy in India entitled "Engineering Crops in a Needy World" that aired on December 26 can now be listened on the Web through audio stream at:


(you will need 'Real Media Player' that you can download for free at http://www.real.com )

GM Seeds In India --

In a format-breaking report, John Biewen reports on the controversy over the use of genetically modified seeds in India. Despite the fact that the failure of a crop can lead to a farmer's suicide, many poor Indian farmers oppose the use of genetically modified seeds which might improve the chances of raising a successful crop. There is fear of the multi-national corporations selling the seeds. Many of the companies have included Indians in their research, development and marketing of the products. (22:00)

Click on link for report: http://search.npr.org/cf/cmn/cmnpd01fm.cfm?PrgDate=12/26/2000&PrgID=2