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The Story of Golden Rice - Video Online and Free DVD


Last year, designated by the United Nation as the Year of Rice, The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture asked the two inventors of Golden Rice to talk about their discovery and about its future. We also asked Syngenta to clarify its role with the Golden Rice program. All three readily agreed, and in October 2004 in honour of World Food Day, together gave this Syngenta lecture in Basel, Switzerland.

Their remarks are included here in their entirety, except for minor editing to condense pauses and smooth transitions. Each part, including the question and answer follow-up with closing remarks of Syngenta Foundation Excecutive Director, Andrew Bennett, can be viewed on its own.

Among the questions addressed in the lecture; Why Golden Rice * What daily intake of Golden Rice is estimated to help reduce VAD * Who owns Golden Rice * Can farmers freely reuse seed * What is the taste of Golden Rice * Are there cultural issues with eating colored rice * What are the environmental effects * When and where will Golden Rice become available

Watch the Video online at http://www.syngentafoundation.com/golden_rice/index.htm

Request a free DVD at http://www.syngentafoundation.com/golden_rice/order.htm