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Golden Rice - Resources and Opinions

The Story of Golden Rice - Video Online and Free DVD

Golden Rice Update by Klaus Ammann


New 'Golden Rice' Carries Far More Vitamin

Statement from the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board

GM Golden Rice Boosts Vitamin A

Improving the nutritional value of Golden Rice through increased pro-vitamin A content

Experience from the Humanitarian Golden Rice Project:
Extreme Precautionary Regulation Prevents Use of Green Biotechnology in Public Projects

Going for Golden Rice

A Critique of Christian Aid and its Attitude to GM crops

Golden Rice: A Golden Chance for the Underdeveloped World

Golden Rice and Beyond

Golden Rice:  What Role Could It Play in Alleviation of Vitamin A Deficiency?

The "Golden Rice" Tale

Grains of Hope

Grain of Hope - By Gordon Conway

Greenpeace Claim to Have "Prevented" GM Rice is Erroneous

Greenpeace Visits IRRI

How Much Vitamin A Rice Must One Eat?

Hype, Not Hype, in the Golden Grains

Open letter from Dr. Ingo Potrykus to Hope Shand and RAFI in Response to
Their Press Release on "Golden Rice" (from October 13

Potrykus Responds to Greenpeace Criticism of 'Golden Rice'

The Reputable Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Plant Biologist Ingo Potrykus
On Greenpeace And The Opposition Against Genetic Engineering

Responses to The New York Times Article "The Great Yellow Hype," (March 4, 2001)

The Role of Biotechnology for Food Consumers In Developing Countries

Society Honors Golden Rice Inventor

Vitamin A Deficiency Disorders: Origins of the Problem and Approaches to Its Control

Genetically Modified Foods, Trade, and Developing Countries: Is Golden Rice Special?